Funds for the Benefit of Illini Hillel


Allen (Susan Linowes Allen Memorial Fund for the Hillel Foundation)          make a donation now

Focus:  UI Hillel Foundation and Jewish academic community.

Established:  in 1993 by the Linowes family, who may serve as advisors to the Board.

Priorities:  Sponsorship of Jewish cultural programs at the UI Hillel Foundation for students, faculty, and others in the academic community. Funding is not to be provided for capital expenditures or to replace monies given to Hillel as a part of their normal CUJF allocation.

Distribution of income:  Upon the approval of a grant application by the CUJEF Board of Directors.

Hillel (Hillel Director's Fund)          make a donation now

Focus:  UI Hillel Foundation.

Priorities:  Provides indirect program support to enhance program potential at the UI Hillel Foundation. The intent is to provide for purchase of non-capital items of hardware or office equipment.

Distribution of income:  Upon written joint application by the Hillel Director and the President of the Hillel Governing Board to CUJEF Board.
Note:  Funding is not to be provided for direct program expenses (honoraria, travel, etc) nor for capital expenditures, not to replace monies given to Hillel as a part of their normal CUJF or JFMC allocation.

Hillel Building (Arthur R. Robinson Fund for Hillel Building)         make a donation now 

Focus:  Hillel Foundation. Established: In 2016 on the basis of Hillel Foundation Building Fund that was dissolved and its assets were transferred to CUJEF. The Fund is established in memory of Arthur Robinson  

Priorities: The Fund is established for the purpose of benefitting the physical facilities of the University of Illinois Hillel (Margie K. and Louis N. Cohen Center for Jewish Life), and may be used for building repairs and improvements.

Distribution of income: Requested by the acting director of Hillel subject to approval of CUJEF Board. In certain cases CUJEF may approve the expenditure of Fund principal in an amount to exceed 20% of the value of Fund in any two-year period.

Hillel Robinson (Arthur R. Robinson Fund for Hillel)           make a donation now

Focus:  UI Hillel Foundation. Established: In 2016 in memory of Arthur Robinson.

Priorities:  Provides support to Hillel’s general programming as determined by the Director of Illinois Hillel.

Distribution of income: Annual automatic disbursement. 

Note: This is a quasi-endowment. 

Krakower Torah (Dorothy Denzig-Krakower and David Krakower Memorial Torah Endowment Fund)          make a donation now

Focus: Illini Hillel.

Established: In 2017 by Judith Krakower and Illini Hillel.

Priorities: To maintain, fix, replace and buy ritualistic objects.

Distribution of income: Upon approval of written application to the CUJEF Board.


Weiner Endowment Fund for Hillel     make a donation now

Focus:  Illini Hillel.

Priorities:  to create programming that will bring together Jewish students from the University of Illinois and Jewish community members from the greater Champaign-Urbana area.

Distribution of Income:  Annual automatic distribution